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Get Ready to Shine

Ramadan campaigns drive traffic and excitement around a holiday that represents 25% of the season's sales. A more modern take on the traditional holiday was adopted to appeal to Gen-Z market.

Portrait of girl in sparkly dress and lucite heels.

Avoiding chichéd iconography, an abstracted Fanoos lantern in the form of prims refract coloured textured light on models and products.

Girl wearing sunglasses in sequined outfit.

The colour palette inspired by the phases of sunset, dusk and night project a dream-like optimism with an emphasis on sparkle and shine.

Colour Palette & Typography

Closeup portrait of guy in tie-dye shirt & patent loafers

Girl in sequined dress and leggings.
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Client Call it Spring
Art Director Justin Kok
Manager, Brand Development Andrea Hooker
Senior Producer Claudine J. Cinous
Photo Art Director
Melissa Moranelli
Director of Photography William Arcand
Prop Stylist Roxanne Chagnon
Fashion Stylist Rima Chahine
Assistant Fashion Stylist Matt Shelest
Make-up Leslie Ann

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